Monday, June 25, 2001

The first post

I have been fishing at Lake Fork a lot the last several years and plan to continue for years to come.  I have a bunch of friends who ask me to send them fishing pictures and I thought this might be an easier way to do it.  So from now on I'll just post pix here and let folks look, as they please. I will probably fill in a few previous adventures by back dating, so I will date this post so it will always be the first.   Actual start date is 6/25/11.

I have two main fishing guides, Dale Stokes and Rhandy Simmons.  They are very different people but both are a lot of fun to fish with, have good equipment, and know the lake very well.  If you want to have some fun fishing on Lake Fork, I highly recommend you hire a guide and they are two good ones.  They guide for both bass and crappie, your choice.  They even clean the crappie for you (which I really like!).

I have stayed at several places on the lake, but my favorite place to stay is at Hook, Line, and Sinker.  They have large clean rooms with a small fridge, microwave, hairdryers, etc.  Two things they do NOT have are alarm clocks and room phones, so be prepared.

If they are booked up, I stay right around the corner at the Trophy Lodge.  They have similar amenities, but they are a bit closer to the highway and slightly noisier.  Their rooms are also much smaller.