Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week of November 10, 2013

Just a 2 day trip this time.  I had scheduled for 3, but the weather idiots missed it by such a wide mark we had to cancel Tuesday.  20-30 mph winds and dropping temps from the lower 50's would not have made for a fun day on the water.  We did get in Sunday and Monday evening with Rhandy, and Monday morning and afternoon with Dale.  The weather on Sunday and Monday was absolutely spectacular.  There was only a light breeze and temperatures in the lower 70's  Just beautiful.

I met up with Rhandy at 2 pm Sunday and we headed north to the same "good spot" we have been hitting recently.  This time it was off.  Rhandy had 4 or 5 bites and caught 1 small fish.  He also hooked a good fish, but it quickly got off and we never saw it.  I had one bite.  Around 3:30 my buddy Christian arrived at the ramp and we headed back to pick him up at The Minnow Bucket.  It had been quite awhile since he has been along on a trip and we were hoping to find some fish for him.  We headed out on a main lake point and fished for awhile until near dark.  Around 5 pm there was some light schooling action and we caught a few small bass.  Rhandy also foul hooked a great big drum in the back and that was quite a fight.  The schooling shut off just before sunset and we went in to drink much beer.
Monday started early with Dale at 6:15 am and we were out on the lake before sunrise.  First boat off the ramp.  I like that!  We headed to a main lake point and caught a couple of small bass but that's all she wrote.  There was an awesome sunrise through the fog though.
After that we moved around in Little Caney and tried wacky worms, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, shakey heads, crank baits, spinner baits, and just about everything but the kitchen sink.  They just weren't biting anything.  Christian caught one little fish about 3 pounds and that ended up being the trophy of the day.  We ended the day throwing shakey heads in very shallow water and caught a few more small fish.  Dale was convinced if we had started that earlier we might have done better, but I'm not so sure.  Two of the little fish I caught I just about hit on the head in 1 foot of water.  Soon as the bait hit they were on.  I get the feeling they just are not feeding much at all during daytime.  Blue sky, no wind, was just too nice for the fish to bite.  I think we ended up with 6 total all day, with a few more jumped off, and nothing of size.
Even if the fish were not biting it was a beautiful day for a boat ride.  The trees are just starting to turn and we did see a bald eagle and lots of hawks.
We Got off Dale's boat at 2:30 and after about a 30 minute break headed back out on Rhandy's boat.  Once again we went north to our "good spot" only this time we couldn't even get bit.  Drat. Hoping to catch some more schooling action we headed back down to the main lake point about 4:30 and fished about 30 minutes before they started up again.  They actually stayed up a bit longer that evening and came up more often than they had on Sunday.  I caught 6, Rhandy had 2, and Christian caught 1, plus several great big sand bass.  The action was pretty good, off and on, and made for a great ending to a fun trip.  The icing on the cake was a beautiful Lake Fork sunset to send us in, where we were the last trailer off the ramp.  Now that's the way to fish, first on, last off.