Thursday, July 31, 2014

week of July 28, 2014

Headed out this week for 3 evenings of night fishing with Rhandy Simmons this week and had the usual good time fishing, eating BBQ and drinking beer.  We started out Monday evening about 6 pm and stayed out til around 2 am.  We ended up with 13 on a combination of Carolina rigs with flukes, Texas rigged worms, and later with spinner baits.  Rhandy had the two biggest fish at around 5 and a half pounds each.
Tuesday we left a little earlier, around 5:30 pm, and headed back to the same spots that had been successful the night before.  The north wind was a little stiffer and we had to give up on one spot due to 30 mph winds knocking us around while we were tied up.  We ended up with 9 fish for the evening including a 6 pounder for Rhandy and a 7 pound 2 oz for me a little later in the evening on a Texas rigged worm.  After midnight we needed a jacket while running.  In JULY!  In Texas!!!  Who'd a thunk it?  It was a bit chilly.  Somewhere Al Gore is worried.
Wednesday was a whole different ballgame.  The wind shifted around and now was blowing 30 mph out of the southeast.  We hit the same spots, with the same techniques that had produced fish the last two days.  Nada.  Rhandy hooked 1 small bass but he wrapped up and he got off.  We saw him jumping near a stump but the line was wrapped up deep and Rhandy had to break off.  I had a total of 3 bites.  One was a stutter bite like a Bream but when I set the hook I only got the last half inch of my 10 inch worm back.  Probably a damned grinnel.  Too bad I missed that "rare treat".  The second bite I got was a good hit on a spinner bait, but no sale.  The last was about a 5 pound catfish, also on a spinner bait.  That was it in about 6 hours of fishing.  Most of the other spots Rhandy wanted to hit were not friendly due to the high winds.  It was even chillier Wednesday night and we had our jackets on by 10:30 pm.  On July 30th.  In Texas.   We eventually called it a night a couple of hours early and went in to heal our sorrows with much beer. 

I was starting to think my streak as the Lake Fork Rain God was finally over.  We only had  few drops on us Wednesday night.  However I was awakened about 4:30 Thursday morning with lots of thunder and a heavy downpour which continued until I checked out of the motel around 11 am.  I just need to figure out a way to get the locals to pay me to come fishing due to my "powers".