Thursday, April 12, 2012

week of April 9th, 2012

Got in another 3 days this week and it was pretty spotty.  I fished Monday with Dale and did not have a single bite before 11:30 am.  We tried hard, went through the tackle box and techniques before we finally started catching some fish after noon.  Most of the fish we caught were dinks up shallow in 1-5 feet of water and most came on Texas rigged flukes.  We tried fishing a little deeper, in some GOOD spots, but no luck.  The biggest was only about 4 pounds so nothing worth a picture.  I think we ended up with a total of 11 and I probably had 4 of those.  We spent the day far north, even going into Running Creek for a bit. Did catch a sun dog (picture).

Tuesday Dale was booked so I went out bass fishing with Rhandy Simmons.  We started out in Alligator fishing shakey head worms and I caught 3 small bass and broke off another.  We switched over to Carolina rigs and moved around a lot and boated another 12 through the day.  We found a few fish in 18 feet of water and even hooked a couple of good ones.  Unfortunately, both my fish and Rhandy's shook their heads at the boat and spit the hook at us.  Mine was probably around 6 pounds, Rhandy's was at least 8, maybe 9 pounds.  I think our biggest fish of the day was around 4 pounds.  We did find a huge bed up in Alligator, but we never found the fish that went with it.  I'm sure the mattress was a Simmons Beautyrest.

Wednesday my buddy Randy Simms came out and we spent the day crappie fishing with Rhandy Simmons.  Crappie were as slow as I have ever seen them.  The 154 bridge was no sale, the 515 bridge was the same.  We found a few nice fish on timber between the two bridges but we only ended up with 16 keepers with 3 of us fishing.