Friday, March 22, 2013

week of March 17, 2013

Well I finally got my first bass trip in for 2013.  We had a lot of fun and had some decent fishing but no monsters were captured.  I fished a half day Sunday with Rhandy, then a full day with Dale and a half day with Rhandy on Monday through Wednesday, then another half day with Dale on Thursday.  Most days we were fishing sun up to sun down or "can to kaint" and we were often the first boat off the ramp and the last back to the ramp.  You can't say I don't like to fish!

Sunday evening was a nice laid back affair and I think we caught 6 or 8 fish.  The biggest was about a 6 pounder that Rhandy caught.  We pretty much stuck to Carolina rigs and the fish seemed to like that.

Monday morning we left out at 7:30 and hit some spots back in Little Caney and Northwest Bay.  Dale had the best fish at almost 8 pounds but I was too slow with the camera.  We fished a lot of shakey heads and a few jigs and ended up with 8 fish for the day.  After a short stop I switched over to Rhandy's boat and we hung around secondary points on the main lake around the hog pens down to alligator.  We found 7 fish and my biggest was half-a-lunker. Exactly 6 pounds 8 ounces.

Tuesday my buddy David came out and joined Dale and I. It was cold and cloudy most of the morning and the fish were NOT happy.  Dale said he'd push me in the lake if I blogged about it so I'll just say everyone caught fish and had fun.  Dale did his job, the fish were just ornery.  David had to leave when I switched over to Rhandy's boat but we headed over to try some spots in Little Caney with no luck.  We went back to the main lake and hit a few pockets and came away with 6 fish.  Nothing big but still fun.
Wednesday we hit the water before dawn and headed back over to Little Caney.  We pulled half way back in a pocket and almost immediately started catching fish.  We stayed in that same pocket until 1:30 pm and probably had 10 fish by the time we left.  Shakey heads were the bait of choice.  We moseyed down the bank a ways and found another 6 before heading in to meet Rhandy. 
Rhandy decided to try up north by the crossroads so we put in at the 515 public ramp.  Our first stop was a sandy bay and if they were there, they were not interested.  We moved back across the lake and I hooked up with 5 fish including a 5.5 and a 6 pounder.  In the evening Carolina rigs seemed to be the ticket.
 Thursday dawned another grey day with gusty winds and it was COLD (for me).  Probably mid 40's.  We had some rain and that didn't help a bit.  It just made it colder.  The fish didn't seem to mind because we boated 11 in just 3 hours. Dale had a good one on but it wrapped him up and got off.  I caught a for sure future Share Lunker.  Way way in the future. 

I have already booked two more trips.  I can't wait!