Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 28-30, 2011

My friend Patti and I took a quick 48 hour trip out this week to do some split day summer fishing with Rhandy and Dale.  We did 2 evenings and 1 morning with Rhandy and 1 morning with Dale.  I proved my status as "The Lake Fork rain God" by attracting a huge thunderstorm Tuesday night that just missed us.  Rhandy got us off the lake just in time before 40-50 mile an hour winds blew in.  It got nasty and I was glad we came in early.  We celebrated by drinking much beer.

The fish weren't biting real heavy this time, the typical summer pattern has set in, but we caught 10 or so every day and Patti caught her biggest fish ever at 6 pounds.  We also went and messed with the schooling sand bass and I have a little video (at the bottom) to prove it!  Enjoy.

Patti with her personal best 6 pound bass.

Rhandy with a rare beer can bass!
Rhandy with a Lake Fork tackle store.  Including 4 crank baits that can be cleaned up and re-used!

Rhandy with a nice one                                                     
Sand bass are poopin S.O.B.s
Sand bass video!!

The video is also on youtube and is a big bigger and cleaner there.  The grinding noise is the hard drive going bad on my little Sony video camera.  Sorry about that!

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