Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week of April 30, 2012

Got in a couple of days with Rhandy Simmons and 1 and a half days with Dale Stokes this past week.  The only time we really got on the fish was Monday morning about 7 am on a main lake point. The sandbass were schooling earlier and after they moved off we caught 10 bass, all around 3 pounds, in about an hour.  That was some fun fishing!  We also hooked a few big sandbass on flukes.  After that we hunt and pecked and one and two'd them the rest of the day for a total of 22 with nothing bigger than about 4 pounds.

Things were similar with Rhandy on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We hit a lot of great spots without so much as one bite and others with just a fish or two.  We even tried some deep water spots.  Everyone seems to be having a tough time figuring the fish out as they are not on their usual post spawn spring pattern.  It may be something to do with the lake rising over 5 feet earlier this year.  Who knows.  We caught 14 on Tuesday and another 16 on Wednesday, again nothing over about 4 pounds.  Rhandy did get broke off by what he thought was a nice fish but we never got to see it.

Thursday morning I put in a half day of crappie fishing with Dale and they were back in their usual spot under the 154 bridge.  We caught fish on every single piling we stopped at but the ratio of small fish to keepers was about 5:1.  We ended up with 24 nice crappie which Dale fileted for me while I hit the shower and checked out of my room.

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