Thursday, October 4, 2012

week of October 1, 2012

Booked two and a half days with Dale Stokes this week and one and a half days with Rhandy Simmons.  I fished Monday, Wednesday, and a half day Thursday with Dale, then a full day Tuesday and an evening Wednesday with Rhandy. Overall, it seems the fall bite is not quite on just yet.  The fall lake turnover seems to be finishing up but is not yet done.  We seemed to find most of our fish in the 15 foot range in creek channels and at shelf breaks and humps.  I think the totals were 7 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday (in 12 hours of fishing), and 8 on Thursday morning (in just 4 hours of fishing).  Most of our fish came on flukes with Carolina rigs or crankbaits.  Rhandy caught the biggest fish I saw this trip at around 6 pounds.  My biggest was about 5 and a half pounds and came on a DD-22.   The bite seemed to pick up Thursday morning.  Of course!  I was leaving!

Rhandy has sold his "go-fast" boat and downsized to a newer and smaller boat that caught fish without all the gas guzzling.  It rides nice.
The bugs came out in swarms around dusk.  I took this photo over my head with a flash.  Sounded like a buzz saw running.

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