Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lake Fork Crappie 1/20/15

I missed my fall fishing opportunities due to bad weather so I have been itching to get back to the lake.  A brief spurt of warm days in January combined with the Mrs's travel schedule led me to call Rhandy to see if he was up to a 1 day crappie excursion.  He was so we made the most of it.
Poor Lake Fork is down over 7 feet now.  The continuing drought has Dallas now pulling water from the lake and things will get really low if we don't get some rain.  The docks in the distance above are where we put in last year in the spring when there was still plenty of water.  Not now.  

After waiting a bit for the fog to lift we headed out to Rhandy's favorite spot with some crappie jigs.  Things started out slow but picked up a bit after noon and we ended up with 18 crappie by 2 pm.  Only one was under 10 inches and several were great big 2 pounders.  We also caught 3 small bass and a catfish.

We headed back to Rhandy's where Bud helped him clean the mess while I drank beer.  Ah, the good life!  Not bad for a January day in Texas.

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