Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week of November 13, 2016

Only my second trip of the year and a short one, too.  Rhandy was booked so Dale fished me Sunday evening and all day Monday and Tuesday.  Pippin joined us on Monday. 

Sunday evening we decided to go for a big fish and spent the evening pitching jigs at stumps.  I caught a couple of small ones and jumped off a few more.  No big bites.  Monday we left out at sunrise and stayed out til sunset.  We pretty much threw the tackle box at them and boated 28 small bass and a few bar fish.  We tried Carolina rigs, shakey heads, split shot flukes, tail kickers, jiggin spoons, and a few other techniques but never caught a fish over 3 pounds.  We had some fun though.  I think Pippin caught the most this trip.  I did hook what I thought was a very nice fish.  It wrapped me up so it felt even bigger than the 7 pounds or so it weighed.  Unfortunately, it was a drum.  Darn.  Got me excited for a minute there.
As usual we saw a lot of wildlife.  We found a herd of deer on the bank and saw several bald eagles flying around.  The weather was beautiful if a bit warm for November.  The wind slicked off a few times but other than that it was very nice.
The so called "super moon" was out but it didn't seem to help the fishing!
Pippin went home Monday night so Dale and I played Captain Ahab and hunted Moby Bass again all day Tuesday.  I fished a jig for 6 and a half hours with only 2 bites.  One broke me off and the second was just a small fish.  After that we switched to shakey heads and caught a few small fish before the sun set.  Dale did catch one that went about 5 lbs but that was the biggest fish this trip.  Hopefully I can get back out again before the end of the year for some bigger bass and maybe some crappie.

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