Wednesday, September 25, 2013

week of September 22, 2013

Two short but merry days on Lake Fork this week.  Things were slow.  Very slow.  However we still had fun and caught a few fish.  I fished Tuesday and Wednesday with Dale and we caught 6 on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday with only a few more bites than fish.  Nothing big, but I did find one around five and ahalf pounds.  Rhandy and I went out Tuesday evening for 3 hours without a single bite between us.  We decided that drinking beer would be more fun so that's what we did.  Rhandy also brought me some of his delicious championship chili.  Weather was nice but a bit warm when the wind slicked off.  I wonder if they are on a night time feeding pattern?  They didn't seem to be eating during the day, that's for sure.

Today we did get to enjoy watching a bald eagle doing his own fishing.  He was successful and we watched him have his lunch on the bank.  I think he was doing better than we were. 

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