Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week of October 13, 2013

I had a chance to go this week but the weather forecast was very iffy.  40% chance of rain Sunday, 80% Monday, 60% Tuesday with a good cold front coming through Tuesday with the possibility of heavy thunderstorms.  I decided to take the chance and I'm glad I did.  I fished Sunday and Monday evening with Rhandy and Monday and Tuesday with Dale. 

Sunday evening fishing was pretty good.  Rhandy and I went back in a pocket we had done well in last week and he found a 7 pounder and a 7 pound 4 oz fish with a grub on a Texas rig. The 7 pounder may have been heavier but we did not weigh it.  I found a 6 pound 7 oz fish, almost half a lunker, with a wacky worm fishing along some good grass.  We never even needed our rain gear.  Yay!  i think we also had 2 small fish for a total of 5 for the evening.

I met Dale Monday morning at 6:45 am and we trucked up to the 515 east ramp.  We both thought we were going to have a killer day.  The fish told us otherwise.  We fished wacky worms along grass, crankbaits and rattletraps along grass and trees, spinner baits, topwaters, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, checked deepwater humps, we even went back to the nursery from last week.  The only thing we found in quantity were great big sand bass that were hitting a spinner bait.  I think I ended up with 2 small bass and Dale had 4 for the day.  It was a tough slog.  There was some light rain off and on but nothing steady.

I joined Rhandy for Monday evening and things were no better.  We went back to our honey hole and Rhandy only caught 1 small bass.  The honey hole was dry.  Some clouds started darkening up so we headed back south to get closer to the ramp and ended up on a main lake point.  Right after we pulled up, I caught a tiny bass on a rattletrap and Rhandy caught 2 on a small crankbait.  Then they quit.  We hung around quite awhile after but never got another bite.  Except for one small catfish I caught on a crankbait.  As darkness approached, we headed across the lake to another secondary point and Rhandy and I had a double on crankbaits as we worked our way across.  They were small fish and those were our only bites there. 

After last Monday and this Monday, I think I  may stop fishing on Mondays all together!

Tuesday was the day the big cold front and possible thunderstorms were due to arrive.  Dale heard 2 forecasts, noon or 3 pm, for the arrival at the lake.  We had already gotten in more fishing than I expected so everything from here on was gravy.  We started out on a main lake point and threw crankbaits, rattle traps, and Carolina rigs from there down the bank.  We worked out both directions from the point and ended up with 3 small bass and a catfish.  After that we went up into Little Caney and tried a number of very good spots with no success.  There were a few showers that came through but nothing major.  As 11 am approached, we decided to get out of Little Caney, due to the slow idle necessary with the current lake level.  We wanted to be closer to the ramp so we'd be ready to flee should heavy weather approach.  We worked our way down the bank, tying up some, drifting some, but not much luck either way.  Around 12:15 the rain came on slowly then steadily harder and we decided it was time to go in.  As I drove back to DFW I was in heavy rain all the way from the Minnow Bucket to I-35E, almost 100 miles, so that was a good call. 

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