Wednesday, October 30, 2013

week of October 27, 2013

Well my wife's ever changing travel schedule opened up a fishing window this week and the weather looked decent enough to give it a shot.  I knew Dale was already booked for a couple of days but found he had Monday open.  I booked Rhandy for Tuesday and Wednesday figuring we could get part of the day in Wednesday before the front came through.

Monday was tough.  I think we ended up with 6 bass, 3 on crankbaits and 3 on spinner baits.  Most were way in the back of a pocket where we found a few fish chasing shad.  As the cloud cover broke around noon the action stopped.  We ran all over the lake and tried everything in the book but things never got any better.   We even tried some deep water stuff, to no avail. 

Tuesday was not much better.  My friend David joined us and we went out with high hopes despite the sad results of the previous day.  By the time he had to go, we had 5 bass and 2 catfish.   Texas rigs and crank baits seemed to be the few successes of the many things we tried.  However Rhandy did snag an ugly old Alabama rig someone had left on a main lake point.  It was a slot Alabama rig so Rhandy sent it back for the next "lucky" fisherman.  His opinion is clearly indicated on the photo!  Taken just after I pointed out he just caught more lures than we had caught fish all day. 

After we dropped David at the dock around 5:30, we headed back out to another main lake point.  No good.  So back we went to our usual spot, which we had just fished 30 minutes earlier with no luck (except for the Alabama rig).  After just a few minutes we started seeing a few fish moving chasing shad.  No real schooling action, just a stray fish here and there chasing bait.  I managed to catch 7 of the suckers, up to 4 pounds, more than doubling our entire day's output in about 45 minutes.  The 4 pounder had some cool spots, otherwise I would not have had a picture fish this trip.  Just goes to prove good spots are good spots, you just have to be there at the right time!
Wednesday morning I was awakened by driving rain on the roof of Hook, Line, and Sinker.  A quick check of the weather showed massive rain on the way and a flash flood watch in effect.  I am the Lake Fork Rain God!!   For the second time in the last few outings I drove 130 miles home in pouring rain.  When Lake Fork is refilled to full pool I want credit!

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