Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week of September 6, 2015

A quick 2 day trip this week with Dale during the day and Rhandy in the evening.  Tuesday was toasty and we had a tough time finding fish that would bite during the day. There was enough of a breeze that the temps in the upper 90's were bearable most of the day.  We went through the tackle box throwing carolina rigs, wacky worms, and crank baits with little success.  We had just a handful of bites and I think we boated 3 fish, not counting sandbass and a 7 pound drum.  I only hooked one small one but he jumped off.  Rhandy found a few more fish but nothing of any size until just before sunset when he found an 8 pounder on a small crank bait.  I caught a few small bass and a bar fish.
Wednesday dawned with some heavy rain (I AM the Lake Fork Rain God!) and postponed our start to about 8 pm.  I still got in 6 and a half hours with Dale and we had better luck.  My biggest was about a 5 pounder but it was still raining so I left my camera in the bag.  The rain quit around noon and we were finally able to get our rain gear off, but eventually some more thunder approached and we went in about 2:30 pm, just to stay on the safe side.

After a short siesta I met up with Rhandy at 4 pm and we hightailed it to a spot that was occupied the previous day.  We found a bunch of small bass on a shelf edge and I found a bunch of hang ups which let Rhandy show how good he was at re-tying carolina rigs.  Thanks Rhandy!  Eventually we wore them all out and we went off to another favorite spot where we continued to find small bass and those stinking sandies.  Right before we quit I hooked a big fish on a crank bait but he twisted off while I tried to hang on.  We never saw the fish but it left a big swirl.  Rhandy is convinced it was a big bass.  I prefer to think it was a big drum or carp.  Next time we will find out!

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